Class 0,5 ... / 5 A

Moulded case current transformers

  • Versatility & increased safety

  • Moulded case current transformers are used if high currents are to be recorded and further processed. The line to be measured (conductor rail or wire) is fed through the window opening and forms the primary circuit for the plug-on current transformer.

    Moulded case current transformers are predominantly used for mounting on conductor rails. Through additional potting it is possible to achieve droplet-tightness, as well as greater shock and vibration resistance with mechanical loading (IEC 68). This is the most common and cost-effective form of current transformer.

    However, the primary conductor must be disconnected during installation. This form of transformer is therefore most commonly used in new system installations.

  • Features

  • Increased reliability

    • Both halves of the housing overlap rather than butting up against one another
    • Break-proof plastic housing made from polyamide
    • Non-combustible per UL 94 VO and self-extinguishing

    Protective caps for primary bus bar fastening screws

    • Fixing screws pins for the primary rail can be insulated by means of protective caps, available as an option
    • Safeguard to prevent accidental contact

    Secondary connections

    • Feeding of the secondary connections to the connection terminals through the rectangular opening in the front and rear sides
    • Secondary connection by means of cable lugs through the side slots

    Expanded secondary terminal covering

    • In addition to the normal terminal covering, extra protective hoods are available
    • Locking of the front and rear feed to the secondary terminals