Smart and compact: Save energy costs through the universal data logger

  • Basis for a comprehensive energy management system (ISO 50001)
  • Mapping of all consumption and process data (current, water, gas, steam, pressure, etc.)
  • Monitoring of switching statuses (e.g. circuit breaker, etc.)
  • Analysis of energy consumption and operating hours
  • Flexible integration in superordinate systems (Modbus-Ethernet gateway) values - for each of the fifteen individual inputs on board
  • Long-term storage of data with 32 MB onboard memory
  • Saving of 24 differential monthly energy values as well as maximum power
  • Direct reading out and analysis of data via GridVis® software
  • Free programming of 64 independent weekly timers
  • Tariff conversion: Each digital input can be assigned a selected tariff from 1 to 8

Universal data logger for all consumption media

  • 15 digital / pulse inputs
  • 3 digital outputs, switchable via Modbus, weekly timer, threshold value and temperature monitoring
  • Temperature measurement input
  • Ethernet interface (ModbusTCP/IP, NTP ...)
  • RS485 (Modbus RTU, slave, up to 115 kbps)
  • 32 MB flash data memory
  • Clock and battery function
  • 64 weekly timers
  • Threshold value monitoring
  • Modbus-Ethernet gateway functionality
  • Saving of minimum and maximum values (with time stamp)
  • Configurable records, can be read out via RS485 and Ethernet


  • EnMS per ISO 50001
  • Integration of previously installed pulse counters in an EnMS
  • Logging of non-electrical values
  • Generation of performance indicators (key figures)
  • Logging and monitoring of status messages
  • Generation of alarms
  • Ethernet-Modbus-Slave gateway

Ethernet with gateway functionality

  • Communication via Ethernet and Modbus RS485
  • Simple integration in the LAN network
  • Rapid and reliable data transfer
  • Access to measurement data via various channels
Fig.: Simple consolidation of Modbus meters
Fig.: Simple consolidation of Modbus meters

Simple integration of existing meters

  • Via Modbus-Ethernet Gateway integration and read-out of subordinate Modbus slave devices (e.g. electricity meters) possible with ease
  • Conveniently capture measurements from all brands of meter with an S0 pulse output

Well thought-out to the last (vital) detail

  • Internal clock generates precise data and time information for records and events
  • Permanent operation of the clock thanks to integrated emergency battery
  • Battery not permanently installed; as such convenient replacement possible

The ProData is the practical person's favourite

  • Wide range power adapter (20 – 250 V AC, 20 – 300 V DC)
  • Auto-Baud detection of the communication interface
  • Screwable plug-in terminals
  • Modbus address easily externally adjustable
  • Rapid DIN rail installation