Edition Expert

Full-Range of Functions

GridVis® Expert provides the full range of GridVis® functions. This includes additional visualization options, system functions and optimal adaptation to your needs. You can create key performance indicators as well as quantity flow diagrams and combine them with clarity. Your data can be imported securely and easily with the OPC UA Client. In addition, third-party devices can be integrated via Modbus/TCP or Modbus/RTU. Various protocols and interfaces are supported by the software. This means GridVis® Expert enables optimal processing of your data.

System Functions

  • Active Directory

    Connection to a central Windows user management via LDAP protocol is possible.

  • Alarm management

    Monitoring of data and communication as well as alerting via different channels; logbook and escalation levels included.

  • Logic

    Logical links and operations to create cost centers or virtual measurement points, for example.

  • Automation

    Data readout and tariff managemet, notifications in case of faulty device communication.

  • Management of databases

    Use database actions like data compacting or backup creation as well as MSSQL and MySQL drivers.

  • Management of users

    Manage users with their authorizations and roles.

  • Device configuration

    Configure your measurement devices using numerous setting and parametrization options.

  • Online Recorder

    Recording of measurement data, for example for third-party devices, devices without memory or devices with OPC UA connection.


  • Sankey diagram

    Creation of flow rate diagrams. Visual representation of energy consumption based on historical values and live values.

  • Key performance indicators (KPI)

    Creation and evaluation of key performance indicators. Recognize changes and improvements in the energetic baseline (EnB).

  • Widget enhancement

    Additional useful visual features that can be placed on dashboards, such as heatmaps and additional charts.

  • Widget basic package

    With the widget basic package, dashboards can be created and visual features such as charts and live values can be added.

  • Device overview

    Overview of all meters as well as a search and filter function.

  • Event browser

    Events and transients can be analyzed easily and in detail using graphs, the CBEMA curve and statistics.


  • Basic data export

    CSV exports and various reports, such as the commissioning report or the energy report.

  • PQ data export

    Various data exports can be used to assess the power quality, such as the high availability report, the LET report or the EN 50160 annual evaluation.

  • RCM-, EnMS- & EEG data export

    RCM report for clear presentation of the measurement data. For energy management, the utilization report and the energy bill are available.

  • Report editor

    Create reports according to your own ideas, archive them within the software and download them as PDFs.


  • Modbus devices from third party suppliers

    Integrate third-party devices via Modbus/TCP or Modbus/RTU (RS485).

  • OPC UA client

    Integration of OPC UA servers to access additional data.

  • Comtrade & MSCONS data export

    Events and transients can be stored in the Comtrade format, consumption data in the MSCONS format.

  • Data import

    Data imports from CSV or MSCONS files.


    REST API interface for developers and application engineers.