Janitza offers complete system solutions — from measurement devices, current transformers and software to data analysis and evaluation. Our products and services cover all levels — from energy supplier to sub-measurement, in other words directly at the machine. Universal measurement devices, controllers and GridVis® software help to manage energy data according to EN ISO 50001, power quality monitoring, residual current monitoring and intelligent load management. 

Power quality measurement devices for every requirement

You will find exactly the right device for every requirement in the wide range of energy measurement devices and load management controllers. 

Your secure, sustainable and efficient handling of electrical energy is our top priority.

This is why we supply our energy measurement technology, class A power quality monitoring devices, GridVis® system software, energy data manage- ment systems, digital integrated measurement equipment, power factor power factor controllers, harmonics filters and correction systems throughout the world.

Our customers appreciate our complete system solutions for up-to-date energy data management (e.g ISO 50001) and power quality solutions. Thanks to the scalability of our products and solutions you can also introduce our energy data management system step-by-step.

We will support you from the development of the conceptual solution through to commissioning. We will also help you with the maintenance and support - and training your personnel for the secure operation of the energy systems.

  • Class A-power quality analyzer

    The UMG 512-PRO with integrated residual current detection measures power quality parameters according to standards EN 50160, IEEE519 or EN 61000-2-4. 

  • Expandable modular network analyzer

    UMG 96-PQ-L offers practical power quality analysis functions and is characterized by its innovative memory structuring. 

  • Load and energy management controller

    Procont® controllers meet the varied requirements of e-mobility, solar power systems, battery storage optimization and peak load management. 

Janitza Software

makes data transparent and easy to interpret

GridVis® power grid monitoring software helps make data transparent and lays the foundation for intelligent energy management. Available in four versions, our scalable software is also perfect for monitoring and analyzing power quality as well as differential currents. The visualization and evaluation is supported by a number of features. This is complemented by flexible reporting with its own report editor and a wide selection of standardized reports, such as the utilization report. 

Janitza’s practical apps can be used to add additional useful functions to some of the measurement devices. For example, the "Emax" app adds a peak load disconnection program. 

We offer extensive training on our software and customized content at Janitza Trainings. 

Applications of Janitza energy measurement technology

These four key applications combine the best of our hardware, software and services in one system environment. Advantages for you: 

  • Energy management DIN EN ISO 50001

    • reduces CO2 emissions
    • reduces energy costs
    • improves energy efficiency
  • Power quality

    • monitors compliance with standards such as DIN EN 50160
    • ensures availability
    • reduces downtime
    • optimizes maintenance
  • Residual current monitoring (RCM)

    • minimizes the workload for DGUV V3
    • increases the supply security
    • identifies insulation faults faster
    • improves fire protection
  • Load management

    • controls intelligently
    • improves energy efficiency
    • reduces power peaks
    • optimizes utilization

Measurement technology

For more than thirty years, Janitza has been measuring and managing electricity. Janitza measurement devices and components for measuring systems of all sizes have proven themselves in countless applications and installations, because we ensure a technically reliable and cost-optimized solution from a single source: 

  • Flexible and scalable system architectures
  • Easy-to-install non-communicating meters using digital inputs
  • Recording of all utilities such as electricity, gas, water or steam consumption
  • Use of your existing infrastructure — or our easily expandable system architecture (thanks to the master-slave concept)