Energy monitoring portal GridVis® Cloud

Energy monitoring made easy

Quick and easy access to the energy monitoring portal

No matter whether verifications need to be provided, electricity savings are required or the CO2 balance must be calculated, the GridVis® Cloud helps to accomplish these tasks. As a software service, it offers an energy monitoring tool that can be integrated into your daily work routine with very little effort.

Use the Cloud Connector to automatically upload measurement data to the Cloud, and then access these data anytime, anywhere on the dashboard. The start page provides a quick overview, and standardized graphical presentations and charts ensure uncomplicated evaluation.

Information such as rate agreements and emissions can be integrated for subsequent automatic evaluation.

Core functions

    • Visualization

      Recognize savings potentials and weak points using data visualization

    • Evaluation

      Check and evaluate energy consumption and extreme values which have occurred

    • Overview

      Interactive dashboards for a quick and comprehensive overview

    • Comparison

      Comparisons of energy consumption over time periods, locations and consumption media

    • Setup

      Convenient device integration and easy setup via the Cloud Connector

System architecture