• Measurement at all levels

    For a comprehensive overview, energy data must be collected at all levels. Moreover, the fact that intelligent energy distribution networks require more powerful measurement technology than conventional systems must also be taken into account.


  • The key to successful implementation of the energy transition and its many challenges is a comprehensive overview of the networks. To achieve this, energy data must be collected at all levels – from the transformer station to the decentralized distributor or generator.

    How powerful the necessary measurement technology needs to be depends on the requirements. For example, smart energy distribution networks require more powerful measurement technology than conventional systems. The measurement level also plays a role. For example, measurement technology in a transformer station must fulfill different requirements and tasks than measurement technology in a distribution substation.

    Janitza offers customized, scalable solutions with high quality technology for these applications.

  • Energy data collection at all levels brings numerous benefits.

    • Faster fault analysis
    • Solid basis for network planning
    • Data basis for automation and control equipment
    • Increased availability: Reduction of downtime
    • Reduction of transmission, distribution and non-technical losses
    • Management of distributed energy production (e.g. photovoltaics, hydroelectric power plants, etc.)
    • Voltage regulation in distribution substations
    • Compliance with regulatory and tariff requirements (documentation obligation)
    • Monitoring of power quality (e.g. according to EN 50160)
    • Controlled integration of new technologies (e.g. electric vehicles, energy storage)

Measurement in the transformer station

High-end class A power quality analyzers like the UMG 512-PRO are needed to collect energy data at the supply terminals in the transformer station. Typical application situations are supplies, transfer points from superordinate suppliers or significant outlets to critical major customers. Class A power quality analyzers that are certified in accordance with IEC 61000- 4-30 are essential here. In addition to highly precise power and energy measurement, power quality with its numerous parameters is at the forefront here.

Numerous interfaces and protocols guarantee an easy system integration (control room, SCADA, GIS). In addition to reporting the operating states and the load flows to the central control room, an individual parallel system is installed for PQ analysis and network planning in many cases.

The UMG 512-PRO power quality analyzer is particularly suitable for monitoring power quality according to standards such as the EN 50160. All power quality parameters are collected and analyzed.


  • Distribution substations play a key role in the expansion of the distribution network. Due to the high quantities, they are very cost-intensive.

    A scalable solution is recommended here, e.g. the 20CM, which, thanks to modular expansion to up to 96 current measurement inputs, can measure several outputs simultaneously. This reduces the initial investment costs. At the same time, it is future-proof, because the measurement points can be easily expanded.

  • Optimization in the distribution network with Janitza:

    • Recording of the utilization status of the equipment
    • Continuous monitoring and analysis of the power grid components
    • Provision and transmission of relevant energy measurement data
    • Maintaining the voltage range
    • Comprehensive EN 50160 PQ reports for documentation and fault analysis
    • Minimization of interruptions and downtime
    • Goal-oriented optimization of distribution network expansion


The central idea of extensive measurement requires the installation of "remote" measurement devices at the lowest level, such as cable distributors, house connection boxes, decentralized generation plants, or even special contract customers. At this level, very compact and cost-effective measurement devices – such as the UMG 103-CBM – are required. Higher-quality power quality analyzers – such as the UMG 605 – are also frequently used for regenerative generation plants.

The communication connection is made at the distribution substation. If no infrastructure is available, regular readouts can be made with the GridVis® Collector, for example.

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