Certified power quality analyzer (Class A according to IEC 61000-4-30) UMG 512-PRO

Class A power quality analyzer

Class A power quality analyzer

The UMG 512-PRO is a class A certified power quality analyzer per IEC 61000-4-30. Power quality parameters such as harmonics up to the 63rd harmonic, flicker, short term interruptions, etc., are measured with class A. Certified measurement processes with high accuracy of measurement are applied to check the power quality according to EN 50160 at the PCC as well as in the internal supply network according to EN 61000-2-4.

Main features of the UMG 512-PRO

  • Class A

    Measuring devices in class A are certified to the IEC 61000-4-30 standard. It provides detailed specifications that a mains analyzer must meet so that the results can also be consulted in case of disputes.

    The standard defines the necessary parameters, suitable measurement methods, accuracy and bandwidths. This makes it possible to easily reproduce and compare results.

  • Power quality

    Reliable operation of modern plants and systems always demands a high degree of supply reliability and good power quality.

    UMG measuring devices reliably record, analyse and document all interferences such as harmonics, unbalance, transients, voltage dips, voltage swells, flickers, phase shifts and reactive power.

  • BACnet

    BACnet is one of the most important communication standards for building technology, mainly due to its compatibility with the most diverse hardware and its uniform communication with devices from various manufacturers.

    As soon as a UMG measuring device has received its BACnet ID and is integrated into the network, the system recognises it and displays it in the browser. This makes configuration very easy.

  • Measuring devices homepage

    The web server for the measuring device provides a wide range of data in a user-friendly format. The user does not have to install any software on their PC; a conventional web browser is all that is required. The user enters the measuring device IP address in the browser's URL bar and the measuring devices homepage is displayed on the screen. In addition to the modern homepage, APPs are available for an extended range of functions.

  • Residual Current Monitoring (RCM)

    Powerful RCM residual current monitoring already detects leakage currents in their initial stages before they cause system failures or even fires. It is already integrated in certain UMG measuring devices. The measuring current transformer that is required can be installed manually at a later date if required.

    Continuous RCM monitoring increases the system safety and availability significantly. In specific applications such as the data centre, residual current monitoring is essential due to the high availability requirements.

  • Ethernet-Modbus-Gateway

    The Ethernet Modbus gateway can be used to easily include the Modbus RTU devices that are connected to the master device as slaves in an Ethernet architecture. This is also possible via a Modbus RTU interface for devices with identical file formats and matching function codes.

Apps including

  • Measurement monitor

    Configurable display of current and historical measured values with automatic scaling. Graphical representation on the device's own homepage without additional software installation.

  • EN 50160 Watchdog PRO

    Permanent monitoring of the power quality per EN 50160 in energy supply networks.

  • IEC 61000-2-4 Watchdog PRO

    Permanent monitoring of the power quality per EC 61000-2-4 in customers' energy supply networks.

  • Areas of application

    • Continuous monitoring of the power quality
    • Harmonics analysis with power quality problems
    • Checking the internal supply network according to EN 61000-4-7, EN 6100-4-15,
      EN 61000-4-30
    • Fault analysis in case of problems with the energy supply
    • Documentation of the power quality for customers and regulatory authorities
    • Ethernet Gateway for subordinate measurement points
    • Report generator for power quality standards: EN 50160, IEE519, EN61000-2-4, ITIC ...
    • Report generator for energy consumptions
    • Energy Dashboard
    • Remote monitoring of critical processes