Modular expandable Network Analyzer UMG 96-PA

Create Energy Data Transparency

Gain control over your energy consumption

Getting a good overview of your energy consumption is a decisive factor for success. To obtain transparency, however, collecting data at the feeder is not enough. Instead, energy data needs to be collected and analyzed across all company divisions and network levels. This enables businesses to monitor consumption and detect sources of interference and energy wasters.

The UMG 96-PA series is ideally suited for collecting and monitoring electrical measured values. Collecting data in this way enables not only energy management, but also power quality and residual current monitoring in a single device. Residual currents can be detected at an early stage and equipment damage and production downtimes avoided. All devices of the UMG 96-PA series allow a measurement up to 500 without voltage transformers.


    Simple modular expansion

    The device can be quickly and easily expanded with an Ethernet interface, 2 differential current inputs, a temperature input, and a 4th current input by means of a plug-on expansion module. When using the Ethernet module, there are also additional connection options for up to 30 simple MID energy meters as slave devices, e.g. of type B23 312-10J.

    • Record temperature and monitor via integrated comparator
    • Ethernet interface and Modbus gateway
    • Residual current measurement or DC power measurement
    • Neutral conductor measurement (I4 - current measurement)