Power Grid Monitoring Software

GridVis® 9

Energy Management - Power Quality - Residual Current Monitoring

Implement the three application areas of energy management, power quality and residual current monitoring with the scalable GridVis® power grid monitoring software. GridVis® identifies potential energy savings and helps to optimize the utilization of operating equipment as well as detect production failures at an early stage. Numerous functions support the fulfillment of standards, the preparation of key figures and the analysis of measured values. This makes the scalable, user-friendly software perfectly suited for developing standards-compliant energy, residual current and power quality monitoring systems.

Depending on your specific needs, there are four editions with different range of functions available.

Functions at a glance

  • Energy Management

    Energy Management

    Certified according to ISO 50001. With Janitza GridVis®, you are on the safe side when it comes to things like BAFA, reduction of the EEG levy or peak balancing according to SpaEfV.

  • Safety & Alarm Management

    Safety & Alarm Management

    Monitor limit values of measured variables, consumption data, residual currents and device communication. Escalation levels for needs-based alerting via email and web interface.

  • Visualization & Documentation

    Visualization & Documentation

    Visualization according to your needs. Create dashboards quickly and easily without programming knowledge and use the report editor for customized reports.

  • Network Analysis & Evaluation

    Network Analysis & Evaluation

    Analyze and evaluate measurement data. Use numerous tools such as statistics, charts, heatmaps, Sankey diagrams and key performance indicators.

  • Connectivity


    Whether OPC UA, REST API or CSV. We offer many options for data import & export as well as data access. An open and future-proof system.

  • Automation


    Use the automation functions for time-controlled task management. Plan data imports, report generation or device readouts and create shift schedules.