• All-in One Netzanalysator UMG 801

    UMG 801

    All-in-One Power Analyzer

    Modular Power Analyzer

  • Energiemanagement, Spannungsqualität, Differenzstromüberwachung GridVis®


    Energy management, power quality, ground fault monitoring (RCM):

    visualizing, analyzing, alerting, reporting

  • Four functions - one solution - modular expansion

    UMG 96-PA

    Four functions - one solution - modular expansion

    Energy management, MID, power quality monitoring and RCM monitoring

Future with tradition – made in Germany

Janitza LP is the North American arm of Janitza electronics GmbH, a leading German manufacturer of electrical power monitoring hardware and software. With Janitza solutions, customers can evaluate the quality of power in their facility and take action to reduce energy costs, improve uptime, and make operations more sustainable. Janitza North America LP was established in 2019 and recently opened its US headquarters in Ashburn, Virginia.