Cloud-Based Energy Transparency

With Janitza's measurement devices and cloud-based network analysis software, we offer your facility easy-to-access building data for decision-making.


Cloud-Based Energy Transparency

Energy efficiency is in demand more than ever, with skyrocketing energy prices and sustainability taking center stage. Intelligent networked energy solutions help to increase energy efficiency, lower energy costs and reduce energy consumption.

Energy monitoring is now easier than ever
The new energy monitoring portal from Janitza, GridVis® Cloud, is a solution for energy grid visualization. GridVis Cloud was developed to meet the needs of non-technical team members, including control and management roles. With the essential features of our installed GridVis solutions, it maps energy flows in the existing facility infrastructure without extensive installation efforts. The software can monitor electricity and other building systems, including gas and water consumption. Any device with a web browser can be used for access. Predefined dashboards easily provide an overview of current and past consumption, load profiles, and more. Collective agreements and emissions measurement can be integrated into the system.

The Cloud Connector hardware is all that's needed to create the interface between measuring devices and the GridVis Cloud Portal. It automatically connects to the local network, recognizing Janitza Ethernet-enabled devices. Third-party devices with a Modbus interface can also be connected. The measured values are transmitted to the cloud in encrypted form. Data center storage is included in the scope of services. The GridVis Cloud license model is flexibly scalable. Our goal is to create a simple and cost-effective way to get started with energy monitoring.

Full wave events directly on the display
Janitza's UMG 96-PQ-L voltage quality analyzer records voltage quality events in detail, with current and voltage curve displayed directly on the device. The new Class S version, in accordance with IEC 61000-4-30, can be activated after installation. This configuration meets the requirements of EN 50160 and IEEE 519. The large display includes a wide range of visualization options, including an oscilloscope function, pointer diagram or history of the slave pointer. The innovative memory partitioning into long-term and high-resolution short-term memory enables the individual configuration of up to 14 recording sets. Pluggable modules also expand the range of functions.

The network analyzer UMG 96-PQ-L corresponds to EMC Class B and can therefore be used in the immediate vicinity of residential, business and commercial areas. With three available variants - each optionally as a Class S version - the UMG 96-PQ-L is not only suitable for TN and TT networks, but also perfect for use in IT networks.

Janitza electronics GmbH
Janitza electronics GmbH is a German company. The company has been active in the field of manufacturing systems for efficient use of electricity, energy measurement and cost savings for 50 years. As a world-renowned manufacturer of network monitoring and energy management devices, digital built-in measuring devices and comprehensive monitoring solutions, the company stands for the highest quality standards and innovation. UMG measuring devices, GridVis® software and components combine 3 solutions in a common system environment: energy data management, voltage quality monitoring and residual current monitoring (RCM).

Products are manufactured using the latest manufacturing technology. At Janitza, quality management is a continuous, entrepreneurial management task. The company offers comprehensive know-how, competent advice and concept development through the commissioning of tailor-made solutions to fulfill the needs and requirements of customers worldwide.