Actively Shaping the Energy Transition with Janitza

Actively Shaping the Energy Transition with Janitza

Janitza hardware and software enable your facility to meet measurement and performance goals.

Energy management is much more than the economical use of a scarce resource. Energy management means knowing your individual load profiles, discovering savings potential, tracking down sources of interference and much more. Requirements are becoming more diverse: with IoT components in close proximity to frequency converters, in-house solar power generation and charging stations for electric vehicles, small businesses, energy suppliers and large companies alike are saddled with completely new tasks within new operating structures.

Analysis, visualization, and energy management
Janitza takes in the impulses of the energy turnaround, supplementing the measurement technology portfolio with comprehensive hardware and software solutions. The cutting-edge GridVis® network visualization software regularly offers new features. The package is available in three editions. The free version, GridVis® Essentials, reports on basic functions for configuration, visualization and documentation. GridVis® Standard offers further options, including a web interface for creating dashboards. The third version, GridVis® Expert, offers the full range of functionality. A new addition to the portfolio is GridVis® Cloud. This version enables small- and medium-sized companies to record and evaluate energy and CO
consumption quickly, easily and transparently.

UMG 96-PQ-L Class S
Janitza continues to enhance the company's measurement technology and devices. For example, the modular network analyzer UMG 96-PQ-L records energy flows, enabling the network transparency urgently needed to implement steps toward energy transition. With three models available, it is not only suitable for TN and TT networks, but also perfect for use in IT networks. All UMG 96-PQ-L models are now available in Class S versions. These offer additional functions, such as the detection of flicker or interharmonics. They meet the requirements of both EN 50160 and IEEE 519. The Class S version can even be unlocked later.

All-in-one network analyzer UMG 801
Another device highlight is the modularly expandable network analyzer UMG 801. This high-precision all-in-one device includes 8 current and 4 multifunction channels, a generous 4 GB measurement data memory and much more. Its color graphic display enables visualization and intuitive configuration on-site. Many other options for visualization, documentation and analysis are available when the device is paired with GridVis® software. The entire measurement system can be configured via OPC UA, which facilitates integration into higher-level systems such as building management systems or SCADA.