Erfolgreiche BACnet-Zertifizierung

Successful BACnet certification

Janitza Power Analyser and Power Quality Analyser

Here are no gateways any longer required because the UMG devices have a BACnet / IP interface integrated.

The power analysers are used for energy management systems and power quality analysis. The superordinate control system (BMS, PLC or SCADA) etc. are provided with essential data such as energy consumption, power, current, voltage, power factor as BIBBs (BACnet Interoperability Building Block). Furthermore, all relevant power quality parameters such as harmonics, transients, short term interruptions and flicker (only UMG 605 and UMG 511) can be recorded continuously and stored in 128 or 256 MB large on-board memory.

The UMG devices are perfectly suited for setting up of an energy management system according the international standard DIN EN ISO 50001 or equivalent standards and enable the controlling and facility management, the analysis of the electrical energy consumption. By thus created transparency, savings in electrical energy of often 30 % or more are possible. The functionality of the devices can be expanded by so-called APPs, created in the Janitza programming language JASIC®. For example, an available APP for reduction of peak demands and thus the energy costs.

All UMG measuring devices feature an integrated web server that allows the observation of the measured values and the device configuration via any standard web browser. In addition, the devices UMG 508 and UMG 511 series feature a large colour graphic display, for display of the measured values and the device configuration directly locally very comfortable without any additional tools.

In addition, the Janitza systems software GridVis® can be used to create complex power quality reports manually or fully automatically. Thus electrical disturbances can be identified and avoided often system failures or expensive repairs in advance.

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