With GridVis® Janitza has extended the powerful GridVis® with many interesting features, such as the utilization report, configuration and management of modular measurement units and new tools for events and transients.


With GridVis® energy saving potential is uncovered. In addition, the measured parameters can be analyzed in order to detect possible production failures early and to therefore optimize your equipment useful lives. The scalable, user-friendly software is perfectly suited for design of standard-compliant energy, RCM and power quality monitoring systems.

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From 01.01.2021 GridVis® is available in the editions Essentials, Standard and Expert. Further information:

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GridVis® Tutorials

GridVis® e-Learning-Portal with tutorials with further information, brief introductions and helpful hints.

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Configure and manage modular measurement units

With GridVis® you can also easily configure and manage modular measurement units, such as the UMG 801 energy measurement device. The GridVis® device tree expands by one level for the modular subunits. The software thus provides a structured overview of the physical structure, and the required measurement data can be found quickly if required. The configuration of GridVis® 7.4 has also been optimized for modular use and offers a new hardware and diagnostic view.

Keeping an eye on system utilization

With the new utilization report, rated currents over the entire power supply with primary and secondary distributors are displayed and evaluated. The report displays the utilization of all selected measuring points in percentages and as an absolute value in the previously selected period in tabular form. Violations of limits, excessive capacity utilization and reserves are visible at a glance. The report allows you to freely configure related supplies so that redundant pairs or room totals can also be visualized.

New configuration interface
New configuration interface

Integrating user management into existing infrastructure

Active Directory allows you to link GridVis® user management with the Windows user management. All users who have GridVis®-access can log in with their Windows user and password. There is no need for having a double password. Administrators can be centrally control roles (user right groups) in the Active Directory administration.

Professional tool for events and transients

Short-term interruptions, overcurrents and transients can disrupt or even shut down electrical systems and electronic components. In case of an error, it is crucial to quickly and reliably locate the cause or source of the error. With Janitza measurement technology, combined with GridVis® Power Grid Monitoring Software, all measurement data can be quickly retrieved and evaluated. The event and transient browser also provides you with a quick overview of events, including the graphical evaluation of events and transients. Time correlations are immediately apparent and help with the analysis.

Energy management (ENMS)

Certified according to ISO 50001. With Janitza GridVis® you are on the safe side when it comes to topics, such as BAFA, reduction of EEG apportionments or even the peak balancing according to the German Energy Saving Efficiency System Ordinance (SpaEfV).

Security & alarm management

Monitor threshold values of measured variables, consumption data, residual currents and device communication. Reliable alerting via e-mail and web interface. With measurement technology and the Power Grid Monitoring Software GridVis® from Janitza you will bring more security into your company.


Consumption data and costs maintained in the overview. Recognize cost drivers as well as problems in the power quality. Uncover increasing residual currents and overloads. Generate key performance indicators from consumption and measured data according to the provisions of ISO 50006.

Visualization & documentation

Web visualization according to your preferences. Create your own dashboards and overviews quickly and easily with a large selection of functions and graphics, without any programming knowledge. Profit from the prepared reports and documentation for the topics of energy management, power quality and residual current monitoring.

Network analysis & evaluation

Analyze and evaluate measured data. The Power Grid Monitoring Software GridVis® offers numerous functions such as statistics, line charts, pie charts, heat maps, CBEMA curves, duration curves, tables, Sankey diagrams, key performance indicators. The functions can be designed intuitively. Measured data can be analyzed by the user as required.

Open system

Regardless of whether it’s OPC UA, REST API or CSV, we offer many options for the data import and export as well as data access. An open and future-proof system. The integration of external devices is easily possible via OPC UA or Modbus. No comparable system offers more connectivity.