Power Grid Monitoring Software

GridVis® 9

Energy Management - Power Quality - Residual Current Monitoring

Elevate your business with GridVis® 9, the scalable power grid monitoring software designed to address your energy management, power quality and residual current monitoring needs. GridVis® uncovers potential energy-saving opportunities, optimizes equipment utilization and swiftly detects potential production failures.

Our standards compliance, key figures development and measured value analysis make this user-friendly software the ideal residual current and power quality monitoring system software for your facility.

With four distinct versions, each offering a unique set of functions to address your specific needs, you’ll find GridVis® is your one-stop comprehensive energy management solution.

Functions at a glance

  • Energy Management

    Energy Management

    Secure your energy management needs with top-level standards. GridVis® is fully compliant with ISO 50001.

  • Safety & Alarm Management

    Safety & Alarm Management

    Monitor limit values, consumption data, residual currents and device communication. Deploy needs-based alerting via email and web interface through escalation levels.

  • Visualization & Documentation

    Visualization & Documentation

    Visualize based on your preferences. Craft dashboards effortlessly, no coding required, and use the Report Editor for custom reports.

  • Network Analysis & Evaluation

    Network Analysis & Evaluation

    Analyze and assess measurement data. Leverage various tools such as statistics, charts, heatmaps, Sankey diagrams, and key performance indicators.

  • Connectivity


    From OPC UA and REST API to CSV, you’ll enjoy diverse options for data import, export and data access. GridVis is an open, future-proof system.

  • Automation


    Leverage automation for time-controlled task management. Schedule data imports, report generation and device readouts, and design shift schedules.