GridVis® 9

Multi protocoll Server

Increase Connectivity

Extend the GridVis® connectivity with the Multi Protocol Server from NETxAutomation and take advantage of the option to offer measurement data at OPC UA level. The Multi Protocol Server from NETxAutomation, with the integrated GridVis® driver, is available exclusively from Janitza and can be used in addition to the OPC UA client

The server enables direct access to measurement data and key performance indicators of GridVis®. The clear advantages of the integrated driver include low setup costs and high availability of all measurement data. In addition, the complete GridVis® measurement device structure is directly available in the OPC UA tree. Several GridVis® projects can also be mounted. OPC UA clients, such as the GridVis® OPC UA client, building management systems, SCADA systems, ERP systems and many more can thus easily process GridVis® online data.

  • In addition to the direct GridVis® connection, the Multi Protocol Server offers KNX, SNMP and BACnet clients as well as logic functions, which are already included in the delivery. Our partner NETxAutomation, provides support with its many years of experience in the field of OPC UA and building automation. Janitza specialists are optimally trained to assist you with the server installation and commissioning.

    Note: The Multi Protocol Server is an independent application and can be acquired in addition to GridVis®. Billing is based on the required data points. We will be happy to make you an individual offer.

    Multi Protocol Server 1000 - Item-No. 51.00.155
    Multi Protocol Server 2500 - Item-No. 51.00.156
    Multi Protocol Server 5000 - Item-No. 51.00.157
    Multi Protocol Server 10000 - Item-No. 51.00.158

    Under the following link you can register at NETxAUTOMATION, download the software and test it 30 days for free:


  • GridVis® Collector

    Mobile Data Readout

    As a mobile unit, the GridVis® Collector allows you to read out measurement data from Janitza measurement devices without a communication connection on site. These data can be compared and evaluated in a project with other measuring points. With a battery life of up to 9 hours, the GridVis® Collector can manage units up to 500 meters. The handling is easy to understand and can be carried out by a qualified electrician in just a few steps.

    Measurement data can be synchronized with a locally installed GridVis® via Ethernet or WLAN.

    The GridVis® Collector offers the ideal solution for the collecting of measurement data in local network stations or other self-sufficient electrical distribution systems that do not have a radio or network connection.

    GridVis® Collector - Item no. 51.00.400
    The GridVis® Collector is not included in a GridVis® edition and can be acquired separately.

  • Cloud Connector

    The Cloud Connector is the interface between the measurement devices and the GridVis® Cloud Portal. It ensures that on-site data are packaged and securely transferred to the Cloud, so you can access your information anytime, anywhere. Installation is quick and easy thanks to the presets. The Cloud Connector connects to the local network completely automatically and the Janitza Ethernet devices are also detected automatically.

    To connect to the energy monitoring portal, a one-time login to the cloud must be made via the web front-end of the connector. Afterwards, the connected devices and their status can be retrieved and additional measurement devices can be integrated manually. The energy readings are automatically transmitted to the Cloud cyclically, allowing them to be retrieved as needed.

    Cloud Connector M without Display (up to 100 meters) - Item-No.: 5100420