LTE-Modem EasyGateway V50

Data connection and simple commissioning

  • Communication Gateway for wireless and hard-wired communication
  • The EasyGateway V50 connects the UMG measuring devices with Ethernet interface with the PC via LTE network
  • The Power Grid Monitoring Software GridVis® includes a driver, which enables the simple establishment of a connection with the measuring devices via the V50
  • Connection of the EasyGateway to the measuring device
  • Setting up the measuring device in GridVis® and selection of the EasyGateway communication
  • Activation of the connection via GridVis® necessary
  • Suitable for: UMG 604-PRO, UMG 605-PRO, UMG 96RM-E, UMG 509-PRO and UMG 512-PRO
  • Connection of the following devices via RS485 (max. 10–15 devices): UMG 96-PA, UMG 96-PA-MID, UMG 96-PA-MID+, UMG 96 PQ-L, UMG 96RM-CBM, UMG 103-CBM

Managed Service – Connect-2-Control

Connect-2-Control (C2C) is a simple and secure managed solution. It ensures easy access to the meters (location-independent) via public IP networks (Internet, mobile data networks, company networks).

  • Certificate-protected security (SSL)
  • SSL-encrypted from PC to gateway
  • No VPN tunnel necessary
  • Managing static IP addresses

The connect-2-control service for the administration of the local, static IP addresses of our Janitza devices as well as the startup is offered by aartesys. The relevant application form is included to the shipment of the EasyGateway or can be downloaded under