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Current Release

  • Security Update Jetty: Update to version 12.0.7
  • Security Update JxBrowser: Update to version 7.37.2
  • Improvement REST API: optimized CPU utilization, added ignoreDeletedDevice flag
  • Function modification dataexport: The data export "Energy&Power Values Export type 1" is no longer available for new exports. The function is completely covered by the export of measured values v2.
  • Function upgrade time selection: Additional predefined times have been added
  • Function Upgrade dashboards&reports: A limit value and a color can be configured in the heat map
  • Function modification dashboards: All information is available as a tooltip in the pie chart
  • Function upgrade dashboards&reports: The line style can be set in the line diagram
  • Bugfix Database action: An error when summarizing values has been fixed
  • Function Modification barchart: The bar chart now supports up to 10 measuring devices
  • Function upgrade Dashboards: The refresh interval of the dashboard can be set
  • Function upgrade dashboards&reports: Objects in the object list are highlighted on mouseover
  • Function upgrade Dashboards: Shortcut for zooming added (ctrl&+)
  • Function upgrade Dashboards&reports: A device selection with tree structure has been integrated
  • function modification dashboards&reports: For a better overview, the icon of the object is also displayed in the object list
  • Function upgrade dashboards: When importing a dashboard, it is possible to select the project into which it is to be imported
  • Function upgrade CloudBridge: In the system settings, a project can be linked to a GridVis Cloud license and up to 200 measuring devices can be selected for transferring the energy values to the GridVis Cloud.
  • Function upgrade Dashboards: When importing dashboards, a project can be specified into which the dashboard is imported
  • Function upgrade Dashboards: For the period object, a period different from the dashboard period can be set
  • Function upgrade report editor: Any zoom level can be selected for a better overview
  • Bugfix UMG 806: historical values could be incorrect since 9.0.63
  • Function modification dashboards: Optimized data processing of measured values for better performance display in objects on the dashboard.
  • Bugfix Dashboards&Reports: Corrected display of the week with time change to winter time
  • Function upgrade Dashboards&reports: Additional scaling can be selected in objects
  • Bugfix: In GridVis, the used live endpoints reliably determine the necessary security parameters.
  • Function modification dataexport: The maximum number of exportable values for a data export "Export of measured values V2" depends on the selected file format. A corresponding error message is displayed if more values are selected.
  • Security patch for CVE-2023-50894
  • Security patch for CVE-2023-50895
  • Function upgrade Dashboards: The recording density can be set in the duration curve
  • Bugfix dataexport: An error in the data export energy consumption overview in connection with the UMG 801 has been fixed
  • Bugfix Dashboards&Reports: Feed-in mode in the continuous line for correct display of negative power

Beta Release

    CHANGELOG 9.1.40
    • Function Upgrade UMG 96-PQ-L-LP: Added Class S upgrade
    • Function upgrade dashboards&reports: In the Expert edition, objects can display consumption values as CO2 emissions, energy equivalent, costs or CO2-related costs if an energy contract is assigned to the respective devices.
    • Function modification dashboards&reports: All objects can represent time periods in the future.
    • Function upgrade Dashboards: In the bar chart, the currently set time range can be quickly navigated forwards and backwards in time using the arrow buttons
    • Function upgrade CloudBridge: Additional information on the connection status and transmission status is also displayed.
    • Function upgrade CloudBridge: The disconnection from a GridVis Cloud license is stored in the license and the corresponding devices are marked as offline in the GridVis Cloud.
    • Function upgrade list function: All GridVis templates are available for direct access from the list function and do not need to be assigned.
    • function upgrade UMG 801: Easy Gateway support
    • Function Upgrade Error Report: Number of data exports created and used is recorded
    • Function upgrade CloudBridge: In the CloudBridge configuration, the historical data of the connected measuring devices can be triggered manually for subsequent transfer to the GridVis Cloud.
    • Function upgrade master data: Central management of CO2 emission factors and energy prices through contracts files.
    • Bugfix Online Recorder: Renaming global values​​causes online recording to abort
    • Bugfix Dashboards&Reports: The toolbar in the text object for text editing can be used again by double-clicking on the object.
    • Bugfix OPC UA: Cancellation of online recording in the case of faulty OPC UA devices
    • Bugfix event browser: Fixed misbehavior when loading lists
    • Security patch: Protection of the text object of earlier GridVis versions against unauthorized and malicious entries.
    • Security patch: Protection of the code object and the iFrame object in dashboards against unauthorized and malicious entries.
    • Function modification: New setting for configuring safe mode for code objects, iFrame objects and text objects in the system settings.
    • Bugfix UMG 806: historical values could be incorrect since 9.0.63
    • Function modification Data export ZSG Report: Report accepts time deviations, standard-compliant
    • Bugfix online recording: stabilisation of search function in online recorder
    • Bugfix Online-Recorder: Stabilization against unknown global values
    • Function upgrade object tachometer: The position of the displayed measured value can be defined
    • Bugfix Dashboards&Reports: The start of a weekly period depends on the country assigned to the GridVis user.
    • Bugfix UMG96 PA, UMG96 PA-MID+ und UMG96 PQ-L: Deactivating the auto-baud function
    • Bugfix UMG 806: reset energy values