Note: The Log4j Java vulnerability known from the media has no effect on our GridVis® software. The Log4j config file located in the GridVis® directory is not executed because the necessary Log4j library is missing. This is an artifact for internal testing. However, the file will be removed with the next release so that misunderstandings can be excluded. Using the Log4j-Detector-Tools, you can additionally check that there is no vulnerable version of Log4j in your Java application.

Current Release

Note: As of GridVis 8.0.82, we offer only one installer for the installation of the GridVis Desktop and Service. The two installation packages are no longer required. For a proper update we recommend to update to a version > 8.0.69 before using the new installer. The new installer supports installing multiple instances on one server. For this feature, an installation name must be assigned during the installation process. The system language can be specified and no longer automatically adjusts to the operating system language.
GridVis 8.1 (Desktop / Service)

GridVis 8.1 Desktop / Service Windows 64-Bit

Microsoft Windows Server 2012 / 2016 / 2019 / 2022, Microsoft Windows 10 / 11

  • Date: 13.01.2023
  • Version: 8.1.25
  • Filesize: 1.559,1 MB
  • Bugfix: Memory optimization for device communication
  • Bug fix event browser: Waveform analysis chart was not displayed in GridVis Desktop
  • Bugfix database action delete devices
  • Bugfix: Channels were assigned incorrectly with Generic Modbus, UMG806, RCM202AB, Prodata I and UMG20CM
  • Bugfix dataexport: The data export "Consumption billing" could not be loaded in report management
  • Bug Fix: Reports stability improved
  • Function modification security: Jetty 10 update
  • Function upgrade device configuration: PRO device series with firmware 5.028 and higher support new configuration field "Device info"
  • Bug Fix: Reports open with deleted configuration
  • Bugfix Dashboard-Templates: Compatibility with UMG 801
  • Bugfix report editor: Compatibility with UMG 801
  • Function optimization database: Janitza DB (update to the release requires migration!)
  • function modification commissioning report: The "ID" column now shows the GridVis internal device ID
  • Function optimization energy values: unrealistic values are ignored
  • UMG 801 function upgrade: The modular measuring device is now supported in the measured value analysis and list function
  • function upgrade measuring values export v2: Optionally, MIN and MAX values can now also be output
  • Function modifaction UMG 801 modification: change of device- and module-icons
  • function upgrade utilisation report: The assured power can be entered per unit
  • Function modification MSCONS Export: AGI Segment optional usable
  • Function optimization list function: new device selection with tree structure
  • Function upgrade UMG 96PQ-L: Parity and stop-bit can be configured at the connections settings
  • function upgrade data exports: The devices can be filtered for the device type
  • function upgrade reporteditor: If several objects are selected, a device exchange can be carried out for the selection
  • function upgrade Event Browser: A new column is available to display the trigger of an event
  • Function Upgrade Web Server: https security can be activated optionally
  • function upgrade Event Browser: All new events of the UMG96 PQ-L are supported
  • function upgrade reporteditor: It is no longer necessary to assign all devices in the device exchange
  • function upgrade reporteditor: In the device exchange, all devices can be retained
  • function upgrade user profile: A country code can be set per user
  • function upgrade: When the report editor is started for the first time, an introductory dialogue is displayed
  • Function upgrade Event Browser: created lists can be loaded directly into the Event Browser
  • Function Upgrade System variables: Degree day number&heating degree days added
  • UMG 801 function upgrade: device-/ module-, measurement group- and channel-names get applied from the device in a new project
  • function upgrade utilisation report: The power reserve can be monitored
  • Security patches for CVE-2019-13990 and CVE-2022-40664
  • Bugfix dataexport: enhanced power quality report shows no LL flicker
  • function modification Security: Deprecated Apache POI was removed
  • Bugfix Uptime report: Fixed an error related to the date in the failure matrix
  • bugfix dataexport: Data exports: An error in the annual evaluation for energy costs&consumption has been fixed
  • Bugfix measurement value analysis: live values are displayed correctly
  • Bugfix device configuration: Fixed a bug that prevented loading the device configuration with specific values of bacnet configuration
  • Bugfix device configuration: Fixed a bug that caused input fields of IP-adresses to not be editable under certain circumstances
  • Bugfix report editor: Fixed a bug with the scaling of user-defined values
  • Bug fix report editor: Fixed a problem with created reports and the beginning of the week
  • Bugfix Janitza ID Server: Registration process is always completed
  • Bugfix Sankey: Fixed an error that displayed an incorrect calendar week
  • Bugfix System variables: supplied active energy Interval can be selected
  • Bugfix Add devices: added devices are placed in the correct project
  • Bugfix value tree desktop: Time range no longer jumps on a change
  • Function upgrade OPC-UA Client: A server name can be entered in the path
  • bugfixes RCM report umg801 selection

Beta Releases

Note: Beta releases have an experimental status and are not yet released by Janitza. We recommend to use beta releases for testing and demonstration purposes only. An update can lead to existing functions being restricted or downgrades (installation of an older release) no longer being possible. We appreciate your feedback (to and hope you enjoy trying out the new release. Note: Beta releases are usually released after 4 to 6 weeks and are available directly in the download area after release.
GridVis 9.0 (Desktop / Service)

GridVis 9.0 Desktop / Service Windows 64-Bit

Microsoft Windows Server 2012 / 2016 / 2019 / 2022, Microsoft Windows 10 / 11

  • Date: 26.01.2023
  • Version: 9.0.0-4
  • Filesize: 1.564,3 MB
  • Function modification DI: MSCONS 2.4a files are supported
  • Bugfix Commissioning report: An error was fixed that prevented the execution of the report
  • function upgrade reporteditor: In different objects, values can be aggregated based on the recording density
  • function upgrade reporteditor: Several threshold value lines can be deposited in the line chart
  • Bugfix reporteditor: The correct thousands separator is used in the visualisation objects depending on the country
  • New database action: The database action enables the device exchange of a UMG 508 with a UMG 509 with receipt of the GridVis device ID.
  • function upgrade dataexport: The NeQual data export for power quality measurements is available as of GridVis Standard
  • function upgrade image selection: Improved image selection for new dashboards&reports
  • function upgrade report editor: A level meter can be used in the report editor
  • function upgrade reporteditor: A background color can be defined for each object
  • Function upgrade system variables: new consumption types added
  • function upgrade reporteditor: New object "Indicator"
  • function upgrade Event Browser: Main Events can be filtered
  • Function upgrade Janitza ID: In the license, a description can be stored for each project
  • Function modification project import/export: Import/export is subject to a size limit [JanDB: 150 GB, MSSQL: 500 GB, MySQL: 150 GB]
  • function upgrade ID Server: Test phase for cloud license is available
  • function upgrade ID Server: GridVis Cloud licenses can be managed.
  • Function modification Event Browser: Adjustment of the display of simultaneous events&rating scheme
  • function upgrade reporteditor: A new object "Stacked line chart" is available
  • Bugfix measured value analysis: live values can also be displayed in full screen mode
  • Function upgrade Janitza ID: from now on they will be informed when their items are almost used up
  • Function upgrade measured value selection: In the WEB applications, several values can now be configured simultaneously
  • Function upgrade UMG801: Ethernet interfaces can be configured independently
  • Function upgrade color selection: the last selected colors can be selected in the WEB applications
  • Error correction extended PQ report: A problem with LL values was fixed.
  • Bugfix Measured value selection: Digital outputs are displayed correctly
  • Bugfix dataexport: Fixed an error when overwriting data exports
  • Bugfix Dashboard-Template: An error in the template "Cockpit Multi Line Chart" has been fixed
  • Bugfix scheduling: cyclic schedules now work more robustly
  • function upgrade reporteditor: For colour selection the last used colours are saved
  • Bugfix alarms Email dispatch: Limit values can also be displayed in the mA range in the email
  • Bugfix Energy/ Power overview: A bug with the units was fixed
  • Bug Fix: ZSG report places measured values​​in the wrong column when two different generators are used (load profile/ZSG).
  • Bugfix energy overview [Desktop]: Energy values from an MSCONS import are displayed
  • Bugfix project export: MSCONS data are supported as well
  • Bugfixes project import: dashboards are missed in MSSQL DB projects

Old Releases

GridVis 8.1 (Desktop / Service)

GridVis 8.1 Desktop / Service Windows 64-Bit

Microsoft Windows Server 2008, 2012, Microsoft Windows 8/10

  • Date: 13.09.2022
  • Version: 8.1.6
  • Filesize: 1.537,3 MB
  • Bugfix SQL connection handling
  • Bugfix: Usage of Windows Certificate Store
  • Bugfix installer: Selecting the working memory
  • Bugfix Load project: Projects can be loaded completely again
  • Function optimization devices import: import time improved
  • Bug fix data import: time conversion leads to no more data gaps
  • Bugfix graphic Jasic editor: Fixed a bug that caused certain sequences of component editing to not save all changes in the program correctly
  • Bug fix virtual device: handling of nested readings has been made more robust.
  • Bug fix devices import: UMG 801&SQL databases are supported
  • Bugfixes UMG801: duplicate devices in SQL projects
  • function upgrade utilisation report: The UMG-20 CM is available in the utilisation report
  • Bugfix in recording config for UMG 96RM series, UMG 103CBM and Prodata 2
  • Bugfix reporteditor: Fixed an error with the scaling in the table object
  • Bugfix VD can handle online recorded values
  • Bugfix reportmanager: Under some circumstances the list of reports could not be loaded
  • Bugfix report editor: Fixed an error related to power values of a virtual device in the table object.
  • Bugfix measurement export: There was a problem with virtual devices
  • Bugfix: An error in the data export energy bill in connection with tariffs was fixed.
  • Bugfix DI MSCONS import: values can be used in dashboard widgets
  • Bugfixes AD: SSL certificate import.
  • function upgrade UMG 96-PQ-L : comparators can generate custom events
  • Function upgrade: Devices with modbus connection supports address range from 1 to 255
  • Bugfix: Fixed an error within measurement export V2 with too many measurement values
  • function modification data-export: The energy consumption overview has been optimized for use with the UMG 801
  • Bugfix database Migration process: Before a migration, a note appears in the desktop project tree
  • Function upgrade WEB measurement value analysis: new foldable sidebar with extended display functions
  • Function upgrade WEB measurement value analysis: up to 2 comparison periods can be selected
  • Functional upgrade key performance analysis: KPIs can be aggregated, compared with other KPIs or displayed with a comparison period
  • Bugfix data export LET report: limits can be edited again
  • Function modification WEB measurement analysis: same units can optionally be combined in the graph
  • Function modification virtual device: Measured values can have different time bases
  • Function modification report editor: objects show when the displayed amount of data is too large
  • Function modification ID Server: License user see only their own projects
  • Function modification WEB List function: Limit value filters can be stored with decimal places
  • Function upgrade Device list export desktop: Modbus profiles can be assigned directly for generic Modbus devices
  • Function upgrade report editor: new visualization object stacked bar chart with reference line
  • Function upgrade device configuration in WEB: new navigation bar
  • Function modification WEB List function: Measured value analysis and device configuration can be opened in a separate tab with a right click
  • Function upgrade generic Modbus: Third party profiles are included
  • function upgrade reporteditor: new object duration line
  • Function upgrade licensing: licensing can be started in the service via a web browser
  • Function modification WEB measurement value analysis: Zoom and visible values remain saved when changing devices
  • function upgrade WEB measurement value analyses: aggregated consumptions can be drawn as bars
  • Function upgrade report editor: report export includes also images and graphics
  • Function modification Installer: Installer was signed
  • Function upgrade database Action: Import/export devices to projects
  • Function upgrade report editor: new Menu in report editor to open certain functions
  • Function upgrade report editor: new object waterfall diagram
  • function upgrade license overview: possible installable release is displayed
  • Bugfix measured value selection: Meter readings without backstop were not aggregated correctly
  • Bugfix Data export Utilization report: UMG 801 4th channel can be used
  • function upgrade report editor: In the numerical value, the time of occurrence of the highest AVG value can be displayed
  • Function modification: The column-header is now displayed fixed
  • Function modifiaction database: Performance for queries was improved
  • Bugfix SQL: Ports were not closed properly
  • Bugfix REST API: counter readings are rounded correctly
  • Function modification WEB measured value selection: Aggregation function has been deactivated for meter readings and is always set to MAX
  • Bugfix database MSSQL: Fixed a problem with MSSQL databases and certain strings
  • Bugfix Data export utilization report: no more errors with deleted devices
  • Bugfix Report Manager: Fixed an error where the link to the most recent document was not correct
  • Bugfix Dataexport: A problem with the UMG 801 and the energy and consumption overview was resolved
  • Bugfix measured value analysis: OPC UA Live values can be selected and displayed
  • Function modification report editor: shortcut behavior was optimized
  • Bugfix Report editor: Fixed a bug where locked objects could be moved by multiple selection
  • Bugfix WEB measurement value analysis: CSV export no longer outputs duplicate values
  • Bugfix Online Recorder: sporadic bugs in UI removed
  • Bugfix project import: MID data are exported and imported as well
  • Function modification WEB measured value selection: Consumptions can also be displayed without aggregation
GridVis 8.0 (Desktop / Service)

GridVis 8.0 Desktop / Service Windows 64-Bit

Microsoft Windows Server 2008, 2012, Microsoft Windows 8/10

  • Date: 07.04.2022
  • Version: 8.0.123
  • Filesize: 1.484,0 MB
  • Bugfix OPC UA Client: An error was corrected that led to a high CPU load
  • bugfix UMG 806 synchronisation historical data
  • Bugfix KPI: minute values are supported
  • function upgrade UMG 806 device full integration
  • Function modification MySQL Connector: Connector was updated
  • function modifaction Multi Installer: default setting is detailed installation
  • function modification measurement value export: For new data exports the final value is used by default
  • Update | PA&PQ-L device firmware 3.30 and module firmware 2.16 included
  • Bugfix report management: With some licenses it happened that data exports were not displayed correctly on the web
  • Bugfix Licensing: License information is displayed regardless of port configuration
  • Bugfix REST API: syntax is compatible again
  • bugfix comissioning report: An error was fixed when using with the UMG 801
  • Bugfixes UMG801: Stabilization of the upgrade process.
  • Bug Fix: autodownload UMG 96-PA&PQ series while failure mode (Core)
  • Bugfix UMG 103-CBM record configuration
  • Bugfix: In the commissioning report, an error related to the firmware display has been fixed
  • Bugfixes Web-DeviceConfig: improved input fields.
  • Bugfixes UMG801: negative power steps no longer cause an error in the RCM configuration
  • Bugfix: Commissioning Report showed wrong connection status
  • Bugfix: Searched measured values in the device list are no longer displayed twice
  • Bugfix Energy Invoice v2: In certain situations it was not possible to select the apparent energy
  • Bugfix virtual device: user defined values can be renamed
  • Bugfix virtual device: VDs can be copied
  • Bugfix commissioning report: Fixed an error in the display of the license
GridVis 7.3 Desktop (Installations-Paket I für Edition Basic, Professional, Enterprise, Service, Ultimate)
GridVis 7.3 Service (Installations-Paket II für Edition Service, Ultimate)
GridVis 7.1 Desktop (Installations-Paket I für Edition Basic, Professional, Enterprise, Service, Ultimate)
GridVis 7.1 Service (Installations-Paket II für Edition Service, Ultimate)

GridVis 7.1 Service Windows 32-Bit

Microsoft Windows Server 2008, 2012, Microsoft Windows 7/8/10

  • Date: 15.02.2017
  • Version: 7.1.11
  • Filesize: 253,8 MB

GridVis 7.1 Service Windows 64-Bit

Microsoft Windows Server 2008, 2012, Microsoft Windows 7/8/10

  • Date: 15.02.2017
  • Version: 7.1.11
  • Filesize: 257,2 MB
  • trailing pointer function UMG96RM
  • tab navigation added
  • bug fix transient configuration
  • graph set saving issue resolved
  • bug fix analogue configuration
  • Fixed: Energy calculation requires at least three meassure points
  • donat widget can work with MI (manual input) values
GridVis-Desktop 6.0.5 (Edition Basic, Professional, Enterprise)
GridVis-Server 6.0.5 (Edition Service)

GridVis-Service Version 6.0.5 Windows 32-Bit

Microsoft Windows Server 2008, Microsoft Windows XP/7/8/8.1 (32-Bit)

  • Date: 12.10.2015
  • Version: 6.0.5
  • Filesize: 146,5 MB

GridVis-Service Version 6.0.5 Windows 64-Bit

Microsoft Windows Server 2008, Microsoft Windows 7/8/8.1 (64-Bit)

  • Date: 12.10.2015
  • Version: 6.0.5
  • Filesize: 149,7 MB
  • Fixed: Instability issues in Databasemanager
  • Fixed: Clocktimer configuration for ProData2 allows 24:00 o'clock as end time now
  • Fixed: Deleting huge data blocks from MSSQL databases fails
  • Optimizations for modbus communication
  • Fixed: Persistance for global array values, e.g. "_ULN[1]"
GridVis-Desktop 5.1.4 (Edition Basic, Professional, Enterprise)
GridVis-Server 5.1.4 (Edition Service)
GridVis-Desktop 5.0.5 (Edition Basic, Professional, Enterprise)
GridVis-Server 5.0.5 (Edition Service)

GridVis-Service Version 5.0.5 Windows 32-Bit

Version for Microsoft Windows XP, Windows 2008, Windows 7 and above (32-Bit)

  • Date: 28.10.2014
  • Version: 5.0.5
  • Filesize: 104,6 MB

GridVis-Service Version 5.0.5 Windows 64-Bit

Version for Microsoft Windows 2008, Windows 7 and above (64-Bit)

  • Date: 28.10.2014
  • Version: 5.0.5
  • Filesize: 106,2 MB
  • Optional value name and timestamps for online values via REST.
  • Fixed: Under certain circumstances the Janitza DB may corrupt sequence data while deleting sequences.
  • Fixed: If the device was retrieved with REST that list contained deleted device.
  • Fixed: REST did not include mapped names of inputs.
GridVis-Desktop 4.3.3 (Edition Basic, Professional, Enterprise)
GridVis-Server 4.3.3 (Edition Service)

GridVis-Service Version 4.3.3 Windows 32-Bit

Version for Microsoft Windows XP, Windows 2008, Windows 7 and above (32-Bit)

  • Date: 10.04.2014
  • Version: 4.3.3
  • Filesize: 94,6 MB

GridVis-Service Version 4.3.3 Windows 64-Bit

Version for Microsoft Windows 2008, Windows 7 and above (64-Bit)

  • Date: 10.04.2014
  • Version: 4.3.3
  • Filesize: 96,3 MB
  • Fixed: The service starts a redirect loop when no project is selected
  • Fixed: number of limit exceedances is not correct
  • Fixed: The virtual device wrongly calculates time ranges for data available
  • Fixed: Timeout issue for user management
GridVis-Desktop 2.5.8 (Edition Basic, Professional, Enterprise)