100-WEB Overview

Smart Energy Panel JPC

Visualisation of the Energy measured values up to 93 devices

The Smart Energy Panel JPC 100-WEB is used for optimum, central display and monitoring of energy measured values. Modbus slave devices (e.g. Janitza UMG 103-CBM) are integrated either via the gateway function of the master device or directly via the RS-485 interface. The clear 10-inch touchscreen is characterised by its simple and user-friendly menu navigation.

  • Measurement data independent of location

  • Direct ac- cess to the device homepage, optionally also via remote access, is provided by the web capability of the Smart Energy Panel. Remote access is also possible via Team- Viewer. A USB connection provides for simple export of the measurement data.

  • Analysis and documentation

  • With the GridVis® software the energy data can be evaluated, documented and further processed. GridVis® offers comprehensive reporting for this purpose.

  • Alarm management and data storage

  • The clear pre- sentation of threshold value exceedances enables hazards to be identified at an early stage. In addition, the e-mail notification function can be activated in the event of viola- tions. Initially defined threshold values for voltage, current and power can be filtered, acknowledged and stored. The storage of minimum and maximum values is also possible.

User-friendly funtions

Intuitive Local operation directly at hte system's switch cabinet

  • Visualisation

    • Display of all current and energy measured values
    • Display and storage of the last minimum and maximum values
    • Topology view of the connected devices
    • Visualisation of the main and ancillary measurements
  • Configuration

    • Dynamic topological configuration of up to 93 devices
    • Group transfer of the configuration
    • Plug & Play configuration via USB: import and export of device configurations
    • Labelling of the individual measurement channels, threshold values can be set per channel, etc.
    • Factory pre-configured
  • Alarm

    • Integrated alarm management
    • Acknowledgement of pending alarms
    • Saving of historical alarms
    • E-mail notification
  • User Management

    • Password-protected display
    • Creation of a hierarchical user structure
    • User rights
  • Data exchange

    • Display of the device homepage
    • Export of measurement data via USB
    • Optional remote access
  • Compatibility

    • Access to master and slave devices via GridVis®
    • Reporting function