APPs – Expansions with know-how

There are numerous apps, which run on both classical PCs and mobile end devices, to choose from for Janitza devices. These allow the operator to read out, edit and display data, receive alarms or simplify the configuration.

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Benefits and areas of application

  • APPs can be called up via the measurement device homepage
  • Web-based data display and configuration
  • No software installation required
  • Data can also be displayed directly in the browser on mobile devices such as the iPad
  • Intuitive use without a great deal of training
  • Extremely cost-effective and convenient solution
  • User-defined settings enable a low data volume
APP Emax

(Item no. 5100235)

APP Emax Sync

(Item no. 5100296)

APP EN 50160 Watchdog

(Item no. 5100264 & 5100305)

APP FBM10 PT1000

(Item no. 5100211)

Humidity & Temperature JFTF-I

(Item no. 5100337)


(Item no. 5100291)

APP IEC 61000-2-4 Watchdog

(Item no. 5100265 & 5100306 & 5100309 & 5100308)

APP Mini EnMs

(Item no. 5100266)

APP Multitouch

(Item no. 5100207)

APP Push Service

(Item no. 5100238 & 5100307)


(Item no. 5100310)

Alert Messenger

(Item no. 5100209)


(Item no. 5100312)