Progress Toward Our Sustainability Goal

Carbon Neutral by 2030: Janitza electronics converts its energy supply to 100% green electricity


Progress Toward Our Sustainability Goal

A key feature of Janitza's product line is making energy flows and consumption transparent. This transparency is the basis for systematically tracking down unnecessary energy consumption. Sustainable and resource-saving energy usage is deeply rooted in the Janitza DNA -- it's even in our central corporate values.

For this reason, Janitza has been operating a certified energy management system according to ISO 50001 since 2013, including the 2018 standards. In 2022, we also set the goal of carbon neutral operations by 2030. An important step on this path is carbon-free electricity purchasing. This key milestone was implemented for the company's locations in Wetzlar and Lahnau in Germany in 2022. The carbon savings, confirmed by the energy supplier with an official certificate, amounts to 204.45 tons of CO per year. Natural efforts to save this amount would require more than 15,000 trees. "This measure brings us a good deal closer to our major goal of CO neutrality," says Managing Director Rudolf Müller. A further increase in savings is expected in 2023.

However, this is only one component of the Janitza strategy for becoming a carbon neutral company. Another step is increasing the proportion of self-generated solar power throughout our operations. Janitza already has two photovoltaic systems used for its own energy production and use. This saved around 30 tons of CO in 2022. In the future, a third PV system will provide even more green electricity for operations.

In order to achieve the goal of CO neutrality in the future, measuring emissions is essential. By using the appropriate measuring technology, energy-saving efforts can be identified while compensation measures are evaluated.

Managing emissions is a complex task for industrial companies, as it must include analysis of the entire supply chain for CO consumption. This starts with calculating the CO balance of purchased materials for the production of measuring devices. It even encompasses the question of how much CO was used to produce a promotional gift and the means of transportation our team uses for travel.

"The accounting and evaluation of greenhouse gas emissions by a company is an extremely complex matter. Here we work together with a professional service provider to ensure the balance sheet is sound," explains Patrick Steiss. He is the energy manager at Janitza, passionately driving our efforts forward in the company. "Ultimately, it's not a question of how we as a company can do a little better, but what contribution Janitza and every employee can make to making our planet and our region habitable and worth living in for future generations."