Ready to save energy? UMG96RM is the up-to-date response from Janitza!

Ready to save energy? UMG96RM is the up-to-date response from Janitza!

Energy management systems (EMS) help in achieving goals with regard to energy consumption, CO2 emissions and energy costs. With the new EN 16001 (ISO 50001) standard that has been in place since August 2009, suitable framework conditions for an operational energy management system were created. The primary goal is to continuously reduce energy consumption and the associated energy costs.

The continuous energy analysis provides you with an overview and transparency of the energy supply and patterns of energy consumption as well as the individual energy flows.

An important tool for EMS is provided by modern energy measurement devices, such as the compact and high-performance UMG96RM multifunction measurement device. It records electrical energy consumption, standard electrical variables – such as current, voltage, frequency, power – and much more such as power quality characteristics, e.g. harmonics up to the 40th order. The high measurement accuracy, compact construction, extensive measurement data, multi-faceted protocol for integration in superordinate systems as well as the economical design mean that the UMG 96RM is unrivalled.

The high sample rate of 21.3 kHz, a measurement precision of 0.2 % and the effective energy class 0.5 (kWh) stand for measurement of the highest quality. The energy measurement in 4 quadrants, each with 8 tariffs for effective power and reactive power, ensures precise and reliable recording of the operational values for individual consumers or for the whole supply.

Extensive communication options: Ethernet (TCP/IP), Profibus, Modbus, M-Bus…

Due to numerous interfaces and protocols, an uncomplicated system connection (energy management system, PLC, SCADA, GLT) is ensured. The embedded web server (device homepage) can be accessed from around the globe via a browser. The integrated Modbus/Ethernet gateway allows a master/slave configuration with subordinate, more cost-efficient Modbus measurement devices for the outlets on the low voltage side.

The unique technical features – including the large 256 MB measurement data memory, the high sample rate of 21 kHz as well as the FFT up to the 40th harmonic with direction detection – must be highlighted. The UMG96RM identifies all energy parameters, electrical parameters and extensive voltage quality parameters.

The GridVis software is part of the delivery scope of all UMG measurement devices and can be used for energy management systems and network quality analysis. The software enables the readout of historical data values, e.g. load profiles that allow trend analysis, as well as the reading of online values for monitoring the present load. The GridVis software is a powerful tool for the automatic recording of measurement data and for the analysis and visualisation of the measurement values. The topology view offers a quick overview of the actual online situation, for example. Automatically generated reports for most standards of the grid analysis, as well as energy consumption reports can be freely planned by the user.

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