Feadthrough residual current transformer

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Main features

Detection of very small currents

  • Makes it possible, in conjunction with the UMG devices, to determine the residual current to earth of machines or systems
  • Compact construction
  • Detection of very small currents
  • Designed to increase the sensitivity of residual current breakers (personal protection) and general circuit breakers
  • Transformation ratio: 700/1
  • Max. wire diameter in mm: 4 x approx. 14 (rm-35 qmm) or 8 x 10 (rm-10 qmm)
    up to 4 x approx. 85 (rm-500 qmm) or 8 x 62 (rm-500 qmm)
  • Busbar in mm: max. 30 x 10 bis max. 200 x 20 mm
  • Dimensions: 92 x 113 x 56 to 290 x 323 x 64 mm
  • Max. primary residual current: 21000 mA (When using the analogue inputs of the
    UMG 96RM-E, UMG 96RM-PN, UMG 509-PRO, UMG 512-PRO, Module 96-PA-RCM-EL and Module 96-PA-RCM)
  • Suitable for the UMG 96 RM-E, UMG 96 RM-PN, UMG 20CM, UMG 509-PRO, UMG 512-PRO

Technical data