Moulded case current transformer for billing purposes, class 0,2S

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Main features

Moulded case current transformer for billing purposes

The applicable regulations for kWh measurement devices can be fulfi lled with these tariff current transformers. All tariff current transformers are equipped with an integrated lockable terminal cover, produced from polycarbonate. The current transformers are supplied with a fastening tool, for mounting on rails or cables. The transformers can be optionally ordered with clips, which enable mounting on a DIN rail.

  • Transformation ratio: 50/5 A to 2500/5 A
  • Rated power: 1.25 to 5 VA
  • Precision class: 0.5 / 0.2S
  • Round conductor: Ø 23 to 85 mm
  • Width: 60 to 129 mm
  • Insulation class E

Technical data