Current transformers accessories

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  • Accessories voltage taps (clamps)

    • Terminals for tapping the voltage on current-carrying rails
    • Suitable for tapping the voltage for energy measuring devices
    • Fuse directly on the rail
    • Primary connection with allen screw M8
    • Short-circuit resistance 70 kA at 400 V / 50 Hz
    • High operational safety

    Accessories Voltage taps (for measuring purposes)

    • Fused voltage tap for measuring purposes
    • Easy mounting under existing fixing points directly on the busbar
    • Compact housing
    • Supplied with a 5 x 25 mm, 2 A, 450 V, F, 70 kA fuse

    Accessories Current transformer terminal strip

    • Application: Short-circuiting of current transformers
    • Control measurement of energy meters
    • For DIN rail mounting
    • Completely equipped for 4 conductors
    • Consisting of: Cross disconnect terminal with measuring and testing device
    • Insulated bridges for grounding and short-circuiting the transformer terminal block

    Accessories Humidity and Temperature Probe JFTF-I

    • For measuring the relative humidity and the temperature of the ambient air
    • Can be used for measurement in pollutant-free, non-condensing air without overpressure or underpressure
    • High measurement accuracy
    • A sinter filter protects the sensor from external contamination
    • The sensors themselves are processed in a metal tube, so that the self-heating of the analog unit has no falsifying influence
    • Requires FBM module DI8-AI8 (article no. 15.06.079)

Current transformer accessories


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