Functions and Features

Programming language Jasic®

  • Manifold programming options

    • Special programming / script language for the measurement devices UMG 604 / UMG 605 / UMG 508 and UMG 511
    • The user is no longer restricted to the functionalities integrated in the measurement device, but rather the device can be expanded to suit the individual's requirements
    • Graphical programming supports the creation and configuration of mathematical functions and logical links
    • The devices' own digital outputs can be set
    • Digital inputs can be easily evaluated
    • The processing and writing of registers belonging to external devices can be implemented via the Modbus
    • Free configuration of threshold value infringements, timer functions or recording of special values can be implemented
    • Programs created can be stored as files or transferred directly to the measurement device
    • There are 7 memory spaces available, each with 128 kByte, for the saving of the programs
    • Simultaneous operation of these 7 programs possible
    • User-friendly, graphical programming
    • Free programming of the Jasic® source code by the user
    • Fig.: Jasic® source code

Graphical programming: Examples

  • Example of threshold value monitoring (comparator)

    • Example 1
      • Monitoring of current L1: Determination of the threshold value by means of constants, lower level 2 A, upper level 100 A
      • Digital output 1 signals the exceedance of the predefined values
    • Fig.: Example 1
    • Example 2
      • Works with only one lower threshold (in this case 100 A)
      • In the event of the current dropping below 100 A, digital output 2 will be activated
    • Fig.: Example 2
    • Example 3
      • An email will be sent in the event of the value dropping below the predefined setting
      • In this example the email will be sent with an under-voltage of < 200 V in phases L1, L2 or L3
      • Additional information: Voltage values from the 3 phases at the time of the undervoltage
    • Fig.: Example 3

Further information about the Jasic® programming language