Procont® load and energy management controller

Modern Loadmanagement 4.0

Intelligently control energy flow: Procont®-LMC

With the Procont® product range you have the ideal load and energy management controller at hand for a number of tasks and challenges such as electromobility, photovoltaic systems, battery storage optimization and peak load management.

The load management controller Procont®-LMC and Procont®-LMC-LITE come with an  innovative control concept which is the foundation for a modern and intelligent load management system. Intelligent load

This enables you to connect and control charging stations, PV systems, battery storage units, commercial kitchens,and heating and air conditioning systems in both an efficient and cost-optimized way.

The ideal solution for energy management: Procont®-EMC

The Procont®-EMC is an intelligent energy management controller designed for automated acquisition and recording of energy data from a wide range of media, such as electricity, gas, water, and heat. It can be used to optimize energy and consumption costs and reduce emissions.

  • Procont® Benefits

    • Develop short, medium, and long-term energy strategies
    • Optimize your energy supply
    • Digitalize, automate, and optimize step by step
    • CO2-neutral and sustainable operation of energy supply
    • Complete documentation of the energy data
    • Experience your own energy supply live
    • Uniform data basis for cost analysis
    • An overarching system for all applications
    • Future-proof and expandable
  • Potential savings

    • Reduction of expensive power peaks by up to 40%
    • Reduction of charging costs for electric cars by up to 50%
    • Increase in the efficiency of the PV system by up to 100%
    • Reduction of energy consumption and emissions by up to 15%
    • Increase in the efficiency level of electric storage by up to 50%

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