Multifunctional power analyzer UMG 96RM

Multifunction power analyzer

The UMG 96RM is a measurement instrument of the newest generation which is suitable for measuring, recording and monitoring electrical parameters (True-RMS) in low and medium voltage networks (1 and 3-phase systems with a neutral conductor).

Main features of the UMG 96RM

  • Tariffs

    In order to record work values securely and precisely for individual consumers, the UMG measuring devices have an extensive selection of tariffs of up to 14 items depending on the device type. Of course, they differentiate between effective energy (consumption, supply and without backstop) and reactive energy (inductive, capacitive and without backstop). This can be used to record high and low tariffs separately for example.

  • Harmonics

    Harmonics occur due to operating equipment with a non-linear characteristic, e.g. transformers used in saturation, energy saving bulbs, frequency converters and power electronics. They cause a load on the mains due to additional currents and can affect or even destroy operating equipment. This mains feedback can be detected and documented using power quality analyzers.

  • Accuracy of measurement

    The high accuracy of measurement is due to the high sampling rate and very good long-term stability. If used as intended (ambient temperature!), accuracy of measurement is always better even after years of use than that of conventional meters immediately after delivery. Devices that are certified according to class A are available for measuring tasks that are particularly demanding.

  • Pulse input/output

    Pulse inputs can be used to record the values for meters such as water and gas meters using UMG measuring devices. Using pulse outputs as a measured value transducer, the working pulses can be transferred to a control system such as BCS, PLC, SCADA systems.

  • Areas of application

    • Measurement, monitoring and checking of electrical characteristics in energy distribution systems
    • Recording of load profiles for energy management systems (e.g. ISO 50001)
    • Acquisition of the energy consumption for cost centre analysis
    • Measured value transducer for building management systems or PLC (Modbus)