Fieldbus modules from the FBM series

The FBM10 series represents an inexpensive alternative to the WAGO I/O system. All FBM10 modules have an RS485 interface with the Modbus RTU protocol and can serve as slaves to the devices of the UMG 604-PRO, UMG 605-PRO, UMG 508, UMG 509-PRO, UMG 511 and UMG 512-PRO series. The devices of the UMG 104 and UMG 507 series cannot be used as masters for the FBM10 modules.

Main Features

  • RS485 Interface

    Many UMG measuring devices have an RS485 interface with Modbus RTU protocol, which enables extremely cost-effective networking. It is characterized by a simple topology structure and insensitivity to EMC interference. The communication between transmitter and receiver takes place via a shielded, twisted pair cable.

  • GridVis®

    GridVis® is a comprehensive and scalable software for setting up an energy monitoring system and for monitoring voltage quality. It is used both for programming and configuring many UMG measuring devices and for reading out, processing and analyzing the measured data. Typical applications are power supply, industrial plants, facility management, etc.

  • Temperature input

    The integrated temperature input for thermocouples (PT 100/1000, KTY 83 or 84) can be used in a variety of ways. In this way, sensitive system parts can be additionally protected in addition to current and voltage monitoring, e.g. transformer temperature. Typical applications are temperature monitoring in low-voltage main distribution boards, transformers or server cabinets.

  • Reporting

    An important component of the network analysis is the report generation of GridVis®. It provides a quick and clear representation of the voltage quality in defined time periods. The power quality reports are based on international standards (EN 50160, EN 61000-2-4, IEEE 519, etc.). In addition to the PQ reports, energy consumption reports are of great benefit to the user. Generation and dispatch can take place automatically according to freely definable schedules.