New requirements on energy supply, the energy transition, and changing load profiles are presenting energy suppliers with new challenges. They can be overcome with a good overview of what is happening in the grid, but this requires the right measurement technology.


  • For some years now, the classic planning model and the technology of electrical energy supply have been changing due to many external circumstances. The requirements for more efficient grids are increasing, as is the feed-in capacity from renewable energies. Charging stations for e-mobility and capacitive loads also add to the strain.

    The transformation of the power grid entails serious consequences for the energy industry:

    • Load flow reversal and regenerative feedback
    • Equipment overloads
    • Voltage range increases at the feed-in point
    • Increasing excess energy production
    • Asymmetries, especially in low-voltage networks
    • Increased need for storage media
    • Network loading through non-linear loads


  • For a comprehensive overview of the grids and the implementation of smart grids, energy data must be collected at all levels. Moreover, the fact that intelligent energy distribution networks require more powerful measurement technology than conventional systems must also be taken into account. Janitza offers scalable solutions with high-quality technology. The right measuring solution can be found for every requirement in the wide product range.

  • Energy data collection at all levels brings numerous benefits e.g.:

    • Faster fault analysis
    • Solid basis for network planning
    • Data basis for automation and control equipment
    • Monitoring of power quality (e.g. according to EN 50160)


Distribution substations are increasingly being transformed into intelligent nodes: They perform tasks ranging from pure measurement, fault detection and power quality analysis to complete remote control and automation. When retrofitting existing distribution substations in particular, appropriate framework conditions must be taken into account when selecting measurement technology.

Limited space: Additional monitoring and telecontrol systems must be adapted to the low expansion reserves of compact distribution substations.

Cost effectiveness: Components must be very easy to install using "plug-and-play", but at the same time, they must also be as low-cost as possible during operation.

Scalability: Solutions need to offer an economical entry level yet be easily expandable according to current needs and the desired resolution.

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