Training: GridVis® software

GridVis® is an elementary module for your energy management and power quality monitoring systems. GridVis® serves to facilitate the programming and configuration of power analysers, universal measurement devices, data loggers and power factor controllers, as well as the configuration, storage, display, processing, analysis and evaluation of the measured data. Although GridVis® constitutes a highly intuitive software solution in use, the large scope of functionality should be noted. In order to ensure your personnel a rapid and efficient start, we recommend one day of GridVis® basic training as a minimum.

The aims of this training programme are:

  • Starting out with the GridVis® software
  • Installation of GridVis®-Enterprise as a full version for training purposes on your laptops. The laptop must have administrator rights in order to facilitate the software installation!
  • Acquisition of the most important basic functions of the software GridVis®

This training includes:

  • Setting up the program
  • Establishing user administration
  • Creating projects
  • Setting up UMG measurement devices
  • Creating company-specific measurement structures
  • Configuration of UMG measuring devices
  • Configuration of theTCP/IP and Modbus connections
  • Calling up online measured values
  • Calling up and saving historical measured values
  • Graphic display of the measured values
  • Creating graph sets and topologies
  • Setting threshold values (possible alarm routes)
  • Reports / costs and quality reporting
  • Access and configuration of the UMGs via web browser
  • he following subjects are only briefly mentioned and no detailed training is provided: - Programming of the UMGs with Jasic® - APPs