Agrarfrost Energy data acquisition

Project description

The company Agrarfrost GmbH und Co.KG from Aldrup near Wildeshausen processes 450,000 tonnes of potatoes into high-quality foodstuffs in two production facilities each year. In recent years, an energy data acquisition system was set up, which is continuously expanded. This system was first set up at the Wildeshausen location. The Oschersleben location is currently being equipped with measuring devices from Janitza electronics.

The supplies were equipped with UMG 507E measuring devices that not only save measured data cyclically but also events, such as undervoltages and overcurrents.

With this project, the measured values such as current, voltage, power, cos phi and the electrical energy is written to a database and presented in a graph by the GridVis visualisation software.

To display the energy data of the production departments and the technical areas (power station, refrigeration plants and air compressors, treatment plant) related to the particular shift, the company accesses this data and evaluates it using a web-based interface, which was created and is supported by an in-house employee in their IT department.

In the future, the data display and processing is slated to be expanded into a key performance indicator system.

Project information

Country: Germany
Project name: Energy data acquisition/cost centre analysis
Company: Agrarfrost GmbH und Co.KG
Area: Food industry
Applications: Energy data acquisition and cost centre analysis
Supervised by: The company Peter Kremser E.K., Mr.Bieniek

Type / number of measuring devices

Wildeshausen location: 10 x UMG 507EP, 51 x UMG 96S
Oschersleben location: 3 x UMG 507EP
Final expansion approx. 6
12 x UMG 96S
Final expansion approx. 25


Ethernet UMG 507 (Ethernet gateway)
Modbus between UMG 507E as a master unit and UMG 96S with integrated memory


First PSW, then subsequently GridVis and html interface

Customer benefits

  •  Current overview of the energy data
  • Monitoring of performance data of the individual distribution units
  • Recording of events to improve system availability
  • Detailed displayed of various cost centres

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