Hotel Petersboden

Project description

The Hotel Petersboden**** lies in the heart of car-free Oberlech, directly on the ski slope next to the Petersboden ski lift.
The Hotel Petersboden is a house offering a charming and very cosy atmosphere, which over time has grown into a successful combination of traditional comfort and trendy lifestyle.

A Janitza UMG 604 universal measuring device is used in the Hotel Petersboden for the power analysis of the electrical supply. By enabling the Emax option in the UMG 604, the same device can also perform the load management control. To control the loads, four Janitza FBM 10 R relay output modules are used.

Typical controllable loads in hotel operation such as this include kitchen appliances, laundry room appliances, saunas, gutter heating, refrigeration technology, etc.

Project information

Country: Austria
Project name: Hotel Petersboden
Area: Tourism
Applications: power analysis and load management control
with the UMG 604 incl. Emax function with four
FBM 10 R relay

Universal meter

UMG 604 (with Option Emax) # 52.16.080 1 device
FBM 10 R # 15.06.075 4 devices


Ethernet For connecting the UMG 604 master device
into the building network and for remote maintenance
Modbus, RS485 Between the master device and the FBM10R

Customer benefits

Energy costs savings, reduced peak load, cost transparency, protection of the electrical system infrastructure (reduced loads on lines, terminals, etc.)