Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Bonn (Germany)

Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Bonn

Project description

In the electrical IT-area of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Bonn we implemented a permanent monitoring system of the most important operational and security parameters of the IT current distributions. As soon as there occur an anomaly the user will be informed immediately via several alarm systems. The technical personnel can specifically react in time and therefore ensure high availability of the IT systems.

All measured values and occurrences are written into a protocol in the background (like a flight recorder) and can be analyzed in detail via the GridVis software as required.


Project information

Country: Germany
Project name: Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Bonn
Area: Elektrobereich IT

Universal Measuring Devices

UMG 604D # 52.16.041 1 device
UMG 604 # 52.16.002 2 devices
UMG 104 # 52.20.001 7 devices


Ethernet For the integration of the master device UMG 604 into the technology network
Modbus, RS485 Between the UMG604 master device and the UMG104, Bender RCM-monitoring slave devices
Digital inputs and outputs For the signal transduction to EIB/KNX


GridVis and modified Devices-Homepage, configuration,
visualization, background monitoring routines, reports and much more.


  • Energy-Measurement and Power-Quality-Measurement
  • Voltage Monitoring and Operating Current Monitoring
  • Circuit Breaker Monitoring
  • Monitoring of Fault Currents
    (RCM - Residual Current Monitoring)
  • Monitoring of Switch Panel Temperatures

Immediate signal transmission to EIB/KNX in case of alarms via acoustic and visual warnings, alerting via mail including measured values, location and time stamp, processing of Bender RCM-external-components, transmission of the measured values to Nagios Monitoring, valuation of all relevant measured values and meters in an Intranet View.

Value Proposition to the Buyer

Energy costs transparency of the IT, permanent monitoring of all important parameters to ensure high availability of the IT systems infrastructure, alternative to isolation measurement, higher fire protection safety, immediate alerting in case of network anomalies, localization of interfering sources and much more.

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