UMG 605 Power Quality Monitoring Analyser for intelligent secondary substations

UMG 605 Power Quality Monitoring Analyser for intelligent secondary substations

The UMG 605 power quality analyser is especially suitable for monitoring the power quality in accordance with common standards, e.g. EN 50160. All power quality parameters are recorded, e.g. flicker, short-term interruptions with fault recorder function, transients, harmonics up to the 63rd order, starting currents, etc., and evaluated.

For widespread application, the compact and cost-optimised construction of the UMG 605 is especially decisive.

The unique technical features – the large 128 MB measurement data memory, the high sample rate of 20 kHz as well as the FFT up to the 63rd harmonic with direction detection for current, voltage, effective and reactive power – must be highlighted. Programming options are also integrated, with functionalities similar to a PLC control. Besides transparency, this means local intelligence gets into the secondary substation and all measurement data can already be processed at the measurement point. If there is short-term interruption, for example, an alarm message is sent per email.

A wide range of communication options, e.g. RS485 Modbus, Profibus, Ethernet (TCP/IP), BACnet, HTTP, FTP, SMTP, SNTP, SNMP, DNS..., enable cost-efficient and rapid integration in existing communication architectures. The embedded web server (device homepage) can be accessed from around the globe via a web-browser. The integrated Modbus/Ethernet gateway allows a master/slave configuration with subordinate, more cost-efficient Modbus measurement devices for the outlets on the low voltage side.

The UMG 605 identifies all energy, electrical and voltage quality parameters for all common power quality standards, such as the EN 50160, IEEE 519, ITIC curve or EN 61000-2-4, for example.

The GridVis power quality analysis software for automatic report generation according to freely defined schedules is part of the delivery scope. A PQDIF tool enables the data to be converted into the PQDIF standard.

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