Modular erweiterbarer Netzanalysator UMG 801

Modularly expandable power analyzer UMG 801

All-in-one power analyzer

A short overview of basic functionalities and extension options is given in the product video below.

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Productvideo UMG 801

Highly available data -
secure communication

A key success factor for modern companies is transparency across all data levels. Data from all company divisions must be acquired and consolidated in order to optimize planning for production processes, establish safety measures to protect systems and machines, and save costs, for example. This objective entails a number of challenges, because different standards, interfaces and communication options must be coordinated with each other. Networking areas that were previously examined separately, from the machine level to ERP systems and building management systems is very complex. OPC UA is a data transmission standardization that simplifies this consolidation.

The Janitza UMG 801 energy measurement device offers various communication interfaces and enables direct data transmission to higher-level systems via OPC UA, eliminating the need for costly integration.

The modularly expandable UMG 801 is ideally suited for the complete acquisition of an energy management system (e.g. ISO 50001). You gain transparency about energy consumption and energy costs at all measurement levels. In addition, critical deviations in power quality as well as residual currents (RCM), which load or even systems at risk, can be detected.

Future-proof investment: the measuring points can be subsequently extended to up to 92 measurement channels thanks to easily integrated current measuring modules.

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    Current measurement channels

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Flexible Integration


The networking options of the UMG 801 maximize its benefits and minimize the integration effort in higher-level systems. The device has two Ethernet interfaces that can be used simultaneously for direct cabling and data transmission, as well as an RS 485 interface for reading out the acquired data or for setting up a measurement topology.

With the OPC UA standard, you also benefit from a software architecture with integrated security mechanisms. This significantly simplifies the consolidation of data from all areas of the company, another milestone in the implementation of Industry 4.0.

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