Universal measurement device

Digital diversity against analogue simplicity. Measurement devices (96x96 mm) for use in low voltage distribution with pulse outputs and digital outputs.

Main features

  • Threshold value monitoring

    Threshold value monitoring can be assigned to both alarm management and switching operations. Corresponding UMG measuring devices have digital outputs that are suitable as switch outputs. Therefore, certain reactions can be automated if a threshold value is exceeded or not reached.

  • Pulse input/output

    Pulse inputs can be used to record the values for meters such as water and gas meters using UMG measuring devices. Using pulse outputs as a measured value transducer, the working pulses can be transferred to a control system such as BCS, PLC, SCADA systems.

Areas of application

  • Replaces analogue measurement devices
  • Display and checking of electrical characteristics in energy distribution systems
  • Limit value monitoring